Perplexed - Quicken 2001



I'm newly using Quicken 2001 and noticed the following anomaly: When I open
quicken QuickEntry to enter register transactions, The title line reads
"Cash : Cash" and has a calculator Icon on the right side followed by
another Icon "Quicken". If I open Quicken normally, the title line reads
"Banking : Cash : Cash" and there is no calculator Icon. Anybody know what'
s up here? Why does one lose the calculator in the "full" version?

Also, clicking the "Quicken" Icon on the right brings up the full Quicken
menus and the quick tabs column on the right. Quicken appears to have full
functionality at this point, but one doesn't see "loading Quicken data", and
it opens quicker than opening the full version (Not via QuickEntry). Any



Fred Smith

The calculator icon is an option in Quicken.
Edit>Options>Register>Display>Show Buttons on QuickFill Fields.

Can't help you on the 2nd query, as I never use QuickEntry.




QuickEntry is a routine embedded in Quicken. Look at the shortcut for
QuickEntry, it runs QW.EXE -Q. QW.EXE is the Quicken main executable. The -Q
is a switch that traps you in the QuickEntry routine.

When you click the Quicken button in QuickEntry, Quicken appears to load
faster because much of Quicken is already in memory. When you normally start
Quicken, you probably open to the My Finances window. You see the "loading
Quicken data" message because My Finances is gathering the data necessary to
create the charts and graphs in My Finances. When you start Quicken from
QuickEntry, Quicken goes straight to the account register that you had open
in QuickEntry. There most likely isn't enough data to read in the account to
trigger the message.


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