Physical inventory question


Phil V

I have a customer that is looking at an inventory last month and in the
Summary box it shows what quantities and values were expected, however, when
I click Print and export the data to CSV, the expected totals do not match
what is in the summary box. Any ideas? Is there a way to subtotal the
Active report when printed to screen?

Thanks in advance.




Try the 2nd icon "select columns to group" on the top of the report. You can
subtotal them by what column you choose to group them by.



Koit Lahesoo

Hello Phil

Talking about RMS? Do you have negative expected quantities? Then dont look
at summary in discrepancy list - negative quantities are taken as absolute
making doble difference. I just checked that even in 2.0 SP3 Microsoft has
not repaired this old bug. I have told to all my clients who have negative
quantities to look the printout.

Koit Lahesoo

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