Physical Inventory question



I have a store owner who would like to run a Physical Inventory Sheet that
does NOT include items with a qty of 0. I don't see a filter for OnHand <> 0.

First, I'd like to see if anybody knows if something like this CAN be done.

Secondly, I've suggested (and gave her instructions) on how to take all
items that have zero quantities that she no longer wants to sell, and mark
them as inactive first, then do a physical inventory based on the filter of
Inactive = No.

Do others run their physical inventories this way?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.




I think filtering based on the active/inactive status makes much better
sense, I personally would never filter my physical inventory based on
quantity anyway becuase how do you know for sure that the supposedly zero
quantity is correct?

For example, what if the perpetual count in RMS shows a zero because the
item of a given item is sold. However the item gets returned to the store
but no return is recorded in RMS. So your physical count when done is going
to include this item, but if you are filtering out zero quantities in your
physical inventory you won't be able to include this in your count in RMS.

I just don't see why they would want to filter this way - my two cents





Thanks, Jeff!

This is perfect! I will, however, continue to suggest printing out a sheet
with items who have quantities of zero. She explained how she wanted to use
this and I still think it's more cumbersome for her, but at least she has the
option to do this the way she wants to.

Thanks again!

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