physical inventory: What's the best way?



I need to perform a physical inventory in RMS 1.3. We will be using a
percon scanner. Can anybody tell me the best way to import the
resulting CSV file to update the quantities? Is there a step that I
need to do to tell RMS to update the quantities according to my count
and to scrap its own count?




Akber Alwani

Hi Allen,
You can perform the inventory as you like but remember before you start just
do one this is that create the Physical Inventory from Store Manager, this
will create the snapshot of your inventory.

Now start your percon scanner and once done generate the csv/text file with
2 or 3 columns (no column headers) the 1st column represent the
Itemlookupcode, the 2nd one will be quantities, you can use 3rd column as
optional which is the date&time column the item get scanned.

Now Import the csv file into the same physical inventory snapshot which you
done on above stage. This will create automatically for you for any
descripencies and suggest you to post actual.

By the way I have already posted on the same newsgroup the step by step
instructions for the inventory I will see if I find it send it to you.
Meantime you can follow the above.

Rate please.

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