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I use M04 and direct download statements from 2 banks with five accounts and
1 broker with two accounts into my M04 accounts. All works well. I do not
use a Passport and I'm happy with this procedure. After reading reviews on
M07 I'm not clear on whether I will still be able to direct download my
accounts into M07 unless I use the "Windows Live" (formerly Passport)
procedure. That would be a deal breaker for me and I've used Money since it
first came out. Can you clarify this new procedure?




Dick Watson

Well, I'm generally the last person to ask about downloading transaction
data. Never done it. Don't believe in it.

The answer, as I understand it, is that if your bank supports "direct
connection" and OFX protocol, then you will see no change in M07. The Big
Deal was M05+ adding "third party" downloads where the third party was
already capable of screen-scraping your FIs web pages instead of you just
connecting directly via OFX protocol. (The third parties are Yodlee and
CashEdge.) In the case of the third party downloads, Passport is required
because the info is really scraped by the MSN Money site--what you are
logging into--and then downloaded to your Money file using something similar
to the old--now deleted from M07--sync-with-the-web functionality. This
third party mechanism was added because so few FIs supported OFX interfaces
even a decade later.


Thanks Dick. I think that answers my question. If I understand correctly,
I'll continue to be able to do as I have been without Passport or whatever
it's called now.





I do not use Passport with Money 07 and have no problem... indeed with the
upgrade, it never even asked me anything about a Passport password that I
can remember...

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