Tiddy Ogg

They squeezed in an item on these at the end of Money Box, (Radio 4
yesterday.) The presenter of the programme should have nailed the
crook promoting this to the floor, but ran out of time, I guess.
It's a Visa card being promoted as a "savings card" for kids... with a
pound a month fee, plus charges for deposit, withdrawal, etc, and even
charges 5 pounds to close the account.
Maybe the idea is to teach kids that they'll get ripped off by the
finance industry, and perhaps come to accept that that is the natural
way of things and pay up uncomplainingly.


Jun 14, 2013
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Dean from PktMny

Hi, Dean from PktMny here. Just wanted to respond to your comments about our brand. Our aim is to provide parents and their children with a simple way to manage money together and to empower under 18's to learn to manage their finances responsibly. We've found our online money management account and pre-paid card is a great way of giving children that first experience of financial 'independence' but within the context of parental oversight and support. PktMny is aimed at children under 18 and ultimately it is each parent's decision as to when they feel their child is ready for PktMny. The real advantage is that we give parents flexibility to tailor the account for each individual child. Parents can set limits on the card for each child: how much they can spend in one go, how much per week and where they can use the card (online, on the high street, or at ATMs). No debt is possible and children can only spend the money on their card, no more. Please feel free to visit our website and give us your feedback. Thanks. Dean
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