Placehoders seem unnecessary



I have two placeholder entries that don't seem to be necessary. It
looks like the information about the purchase they reference is already
in Quicken. The Schwab info and the Quicken info are below. Note that
there has been no activity at all in this Schwab account since 1/10/06.
I have two questions.

1) Why are they here?

2) What do I do about them? I tried following the link "Enter Cost"
but got hopelessly lost.

I am very uninformed about accounting terms, etc. Please give
responses in "Quicken for Dummies" language.


(the dots are not meaninful - just my attempt to get things to line up)

Date Action Quantity Description Price Amount
1/10/06 Buy 10,000 Bond Name $100.00 -10,000.00

(I asked Schwab why Quantity times Price didn't equal Amount. They
gave me an explanation that sort of made sense, but no way can I
remember it. I'm wondering if this is part of the problem.)

Date Action Security Description Inv Amt Cash Amt
1/10/06 Bought Bond Name 100 shrs of Bnd Nam
.....................................................+10,000 -10,000
1/15/06 Entry Bond Name -100 shares ......Enter Cost
Placehlder Entry for holdings amt of 0 shrs as of 1/15/06
1/15/06 Entry Unident Secur +100 shares ......Enter Cost
Placehlder Entry for hldngs amt of 100 shrs as of 1/15/06


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