Please help a young college guy in need ..


Dorian LaRue

Please help a young college boy in desperate need .

My name is Dorian Larue. I am 23 and currently trying to work my way through
college after a rather difficult experience over the last few years. I am in
desperate need of some financial assistance in order to make it though. My
story follows for anyone who cares enough to read it and maybe help out.

All throughout high school I had been one of the most intelligent kids in
my class. I was a member of the nation honor society, science club, and
various other academic societies. After my 10th grade year I was offered the
chance to advance faster and move directly to college and complete my last
two years of high school and first two years off college simultaneously.
Things started out ok but eventually the freedom of being away from home and
on my own at 15 set in and I began to let my grades slip and let other
things distract me from my everyday routine I was supposed to be doing.

I was suspended from the academic program and forced to get a GED to be able
to continue in college. My funds eventually ran out now that I was having to
actually pay for my college. I started working full time to put my way
through college. The combination didn't work as I was unused to work and the
tiring stress it put on me affected my school work as well. School
eventually fell out of the picture and I began moving from job to job trying
to make ever more money and be able to pick myself up from the ground. Then
the girl hit me.

I was never a popular kid at any level of school. I was overweight, shy, and
a teachers pet. Not exactly a good combination for popularity. Likewise up
through high school and my days in college I never had a girlfriend either.
At 20 I finally found my first girlfriend. I was so excited cause she seemed
so perfect that I thought nothing could go wrong. She was sweet, caring,
innocent. Or so I thought. As time went on with her she began to want and
ask for more and more things. Things I didn't have the money for. I ran up
bills way over my head in trying to keep her. I was so afraid of being alone
again that I would do anything to stop her from leaving . which she did
anyway as soon as the money ran out.

Now I am 23. I have finally found the love of my life and the girl I want to
marry. She is down to earth, extremely caring and loving. She has stuck with
me through times when I didn't even have enough money for gas in the car. I
want to spend the rest of my life with her but I want it to be a life worth
living. The debts from my previous adventures are still lingering so far
over my head that I cant see 10 feet in front of me. I cant get a better job
cause don't have a degree and I cant get a degree because with my current
job I cant afford to pay my debts and go to school I am stuck at a
crossroads with no direction to head.

Anyone who reads this and feels anything like being sympathetic, I am asking
for any little bit of help I can get. I am asking anyone who can afford even
a little bit of money , whether it is $0.50 , $1.00, $5.00 or anything you
could spare to help out a person in need. I have a paypal account set up for
anyone who wants to help. Any money given will either help me to pay my
monthly bills or go directly towards my school funds so I can try and get a
degree. I truly appreciate anyone who has the heart to help a stranger in
distress. Thanks you all ahead of time for even taking the time to read this
sappy letter.

My paypal email address is (e-mail address removed) .. Again any help is much


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