Please help



I'm having trouble properly recording my business income
(cleaning service). I enter the deposit (manual check
deposit) under 'Service Income', but still in the
business snapshot I have zero revenue!
If I set up recurring clients it will show up
under 'Payables due by...' and like ($240) <== in red,
meaning it's a negative bill?!
It would be great to see my revenue and expense in the
same snapshot. Can anyone help me with that?



Bonnie Synhorst -- MVP

Does the category Service Income have a little green square next to it
indicating it's a business category? In order for this to show as business
income, the category you choose has to be a business category and the money
has to be deposited in a business specified account.

As far as your second question, it sounds as if you've setup your client
bills in the bills area of the program. This is actually meant for you to
be able to set up your bills. If not, please provide more details.

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