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Mohamed Aamer

We are using RMS HQ & SO now I am concentrating on Suppliers accounts and PO.

The client business is fashion industry so the items type used is matrix
type please help me with:

Is there any way to add items matrix (attributes) on the description or
ordered items?

Can I using reorder number as vendor original code (the vendor always like
to see his codes)?

Is the PO# number generated automatically or I have to do it by my self?

Can I make any customization on the PO window to fit the needs?

Is there any option to import/export the PO easily from/to MS Excel?

I have gone through the past messages here but I have get lost with the csv
files in the HQ. Looking for more explanations

Many Thanks in advance



Akber Alwani

Hi Mohammed,

Regarding the description of matrix is possible if you created the item
using the wizard it has 2 check boxes which provide you facility to have
attribute as your description. (include maxtrix field in each description,
include matrix fields in sub description)

Regarding reorder number yes you can use the vendor part number because it
is made for this purpose too.

When you create new PO from generator it generate the new PO and if you are
creating the manually PO and do not enter the PO number at that time also It
generated automatically PO number.(reorder no of vendor taken automatically
when you put the item lookup code)

PO window you can't change or add new fields however you can hide, block the
particular fields for the input etc you can do and for that you need to use
the security modul.

No there is nothing for import of PO however you can export the PO to HTML
or XML format.



Mohamed Aamer

Hi Akber
Thank you for your explanations,
About the matrix description you have mentioned, is that under the item
property when creating the item?

So can I import from HTML/XML to the RMS?

Thanks for help

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