Poblem with EPSON TM88 IV



I am having a problem with Epson TM88IV printer. When We click on print some
time it stop in middle and I am getting message on POS printer not
responding and after 30 or 40 second I getting "unknown error" The printer
wont work again unless I open the printer cover (Where papper roll sitting)
and close back again.
It is doing like that atleast once a day. I called ESPON and they told me
nothing wrong in printer and I need to contact Microsoft. So How I fix this

Thank You
Harjit SherGill /DBA
Altaville Market
324 South Main st po box 370
Altaville CA 95221
Tel : 209-729-1410
(e-mail address removed)




Hi Gill

I know Epson have told you there is nothing wrong with the printer but the
fact that when you open and close the cover makes it work again would suggest
that it is a hardware issue.
Do you have more than one POS and could swop printers to see if the problem
follows the printer?


We had the same problem, and we found that it happened when we ran store
manager and POS in same computer at same time, after we only ran POS in the
register machine, everything is ok. hope this could give you a little help.



Paul Houston / Eastern National

Try using the Star TSP600 Series or Chck the Papers core for holes causing the
Paper out sensor not to detect the paper

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