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Has anyone had this issue and resolved it?

I trade a lot of options as well as stock an mutual funds. The issue is
that in portfolio view after a money update has been done manually or
automatically several options positions disappear from portfolio and money's
price history tracker.

I then have to go into the investment transactions list for one of my
accounts that I traded the position in and copy the name from "investment"
field of the transaction form for one of the trades then go back to
portfolio manager and right click on one of my transaction then select
record a transaction. In the form that opens I paste the investment name in
the investment field and select one of the other fields or press tab button
to move out of investment field. Once I do that I get a "create New
Investment" window to set up that position as money recognizes it as a new
position. I then have to set it up again and once I do that all the
transaction show up in portfolio manager again and all my gains reporting
numbers and such show correctly again.

I'm having this issue with expired options and options that are still valid
that I still trade. Any help or thoughts are greatly appreciated as this is
annoying and hard to track with the hundreds of transactions I have to weed
through to make sure all are being tracked properly.

I'm running MS Money Plus on Vista.


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