POS 1.0 to POS 2.0 upgrade - product key? Warnings?



I am an aggressive POS 1.0 single store, single computer user. I recently
added a maintenance plan, so I received my POS 2.0 disk. I still do not have
access to Customer Source, though.

In the upgrade instructions, I see I need to enter a Product Key - I assume
I should have a new one with POS 2.0, but I did not get one. Can I install,
upgrade and activate with my old (POS 1.0) product key?

The upgrade instructions are pretty brief. Are there any other warnings
available? I have only one PC running POS and I need it operational, but
can't complete the upgrade while MS support is available (the shop is open
during those hours).

Anyone with POS 1.0 to POS 2.0 upgrade experience, please let me know.



Steve Schauer

I was going to do the install this morning on a new computer but I ran in to
the same problem. They didn't ship me a new product code and the old one
won't work for me. It says "this key has been used too many times" or
something like that. I called Support and I'm waiting for a call back.

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