POS 2009 as an RMS 2.0 upgrade?


Marc Cotton

A heads up to anyone who is planning on moving from RMS v2.0. You should
first download an evaluation copy and load it to a computer that is not using
your store's RMS. We have documented more than a dozen features in RMS that
have been removed from pOS 2009. A few of these being;
-the field to put an item's weight
-the flag to denote item is available on the Web
-selecting items for sale in a matrix grid view
Microsoft's documentation highlites the new and enhanced features, but does
not note or address the commonly used features that have been removed.

Once you request the new POS 2009 license key you may be entitled to because
you kept up your annual MS Foundation, your RMS key will not allow you to
reload and re-license RMS.

Marc Cotton
Princeton POS Solutions



Ruben [MSFT]

A detailed list of fields not migrated from RMS to POS can be found in the in
the help file for partner tools(partner tools being the set of tools that
includes the data migration from RMS 2.0 to POS 3.0). Once partner tools are
installed, you can locate the tools under to following path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics - Point of Sale\POSTools.chm

Then navigate to Microsoft RMS Migration Tools-->Appendix B: Migration

The partner tools(aka- Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 Rapid Implementation
Tools) are not publicly available. Parties interested in a list of the
differences between POS 2009 and RMS 2.X, need to contact their RMS partner.

Marc- let us know if you have any questions from 'Appendix B'.




Hi Marc, how do i get a evaluation copy? where do i download it from?
so are you going to stick with rms. what do you like about pos2009

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