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David S Meyers CFP is a *moderated* newsgroup, meaning
moderators review posts to assure compliance with the newsgroup's

In general you can expect that any well-tempered post dealing with
general financial planning will be posted. Further:

1. Posters should trim posts to which they respond. "Trim" means
that except for a FEW lines to provide context, the previous posts are

2. Lengthy posts, cross posts, "colorful" language, copyrighted
material, test posts, in depth conversations in one area of financial
planning and political opinions should be sent elsewhere. And except
in flattering terms, reference to another poster or group of people is

3. Advertisements/solicitations are always off-topic. A commercial
reference in the signature lines - including references to personal
websites/blogs - is Ok as long as the body of the post makes a
substantive contribution.

The moderators have adopted a fast approval process for those posters
who *consistently* comply with the guidelines. That list is reviewed
periodically for both additions and deletions.

We have an automated filtering system in place. Sometimes, posts
which should go through are caught by the filters. If you don't see
your post here within a reasonable amount of time, please feel free
to contact the moderator at the address noted below.

Posts which are not caught by the filters but which are from someone
not on the pre-approved list need to be reviewed by the moderator.
Sometimes this will be quite quick, but often may take as long as a
day or two. If you've posted and it's been more than a day or two,
please let us know at the email address below.

Lastly, readers who wish to comment on the newsgroup's operation
should do so by email at the following addresses. While we read every
message, we may not be able to respond to every comment/question.

David S. Meyers, CFP®
disclaimer: discussions in are for
educational purposes only and should not be construed as financial
advice. For personal financial advice, please consult directly with a


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