[PR]: TinyBooks v1.09 - Macintosh Tiny Business Accounting





TinyBooks v1.09 - Family & Small Business Accounting for Macintosh

What's New: Printed custom reports now show the criteria used to
generate the reports.


Merrimack, New Hampshire, October 23, 2003: Ken Winograd and Space-Time
Associates announced today the release of a new Macintosh
accounting/bookkeeping program called TinyBooks(tm). TinyBooks is
designed for Sole Proprietors, home and other small businesses, and
family finances. TinyBooks is a simple, flexible, non-bloated,
single-entry bookkeeping program. Buy it once, use it every year!

TinyBooks, based on years of experience "doing the books", is written
exclusively for the Macintosh (OS9 and OSX) and is available now.

In TinyBooks v1.09, monthly lists of income and expense items can now
be re-sorted to display by date (formerly, they remained in the order
of data entry.)

For more information, to download a Free Trial, or securely register
the program, please visit the TinyBooks web page at:


General Info: http://www.winograd.com
Macintosh Download: http://www.winograd.com/TinyBooks.sit.hqx
TinyBooks Info: http://www.winograd.com/ftinybooks.html



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