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The Comedian

How are most stores handling advance sales for items?

We make offerings to the public based on offerings from distributors before
commit to a set # of units - so we can't get and post a standard purchase
So we end up with these negatives across the boards (figure 4-10 items per
offering 1-2 a week with the goods coming in anywhere from 1 month to 2 years)

Does anyone know of a way to handle presale with RMS and keep your numbers
from messing with your inv count?



Evan Culver

We solved this for a client by writing an small add-in that would
transfer any item on the transaction marked with a Discount Code of 'Pre
Sale' to a work order during the tendering process.

On the day of the sale the cashiers would pick up the work orders and
finalize the transaction.

Evan Culver
New West Technologies

The Comedian

Well - we finalize transactions then and there - we can't keep them open
until the goods are received. Some of these presales take a couple of years
before the goods come in. And work order would still mean a negative on the
inv side - so I don't think that would work for us. Thanks for the response.

Jason Hunt

Work Orders or Layaways seem the best way to handle this, unless you're
going to keep a manual system for tracking these orders/presales.

You're not necessarily getting a negative inventory, just a negative amount
available because you have 0 in stock and 1 committed. This gets corrected
when the item finally arrives in to your inventory, 1 in stock, 1 committed.
Then when the customer picks the item up, it all goes back to 0.

The Comedian

So the inv count is off of the actual on hand and not the total available? I
did not know that. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Jason Hunt

Yup. If you look the Inventory tab on the Item Properties, you'll see:

- On Hand (what's in stock)
- Committed (what customers have on order with a Layaway, Back Order or Work
- Available (On Hand less Committed)
- On Order (what's on order with an open Purchase Order)
- Transfer Out (what's going to be transferred out with an open Transfer Out

There's also Offline which is a separate inventory from the On Hand
inventory, usually used for keeping track of damaged items or items thare
held in the back of the store or at a warehouse.

Hope this helps.




Did anyone ever get a method worked out for this? I am trying to do the same
thing and have run up against a "feature" or two in RMS that keeps it from
working well.


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