Presentation Problem



Our non-profit organization has several income sources, each of which
entails offsetting expenses. For example, we do certain repair work for
vintage radios, the revenues of which are parially offset by parts and
supplies. There are a couple of other similar situations for other sources
of net revenue. We rent space for certain outside group events. In these
situations, we may take in a rental fee out of which we spend as much as 80%
on meals and staffing.

In terms of presentation, we'd like the net income to appear on the P & L
and in the budgets for these activities. Right now, it's nearly impossible
to budget the revenues and expenses separately.

If possible, we'd like to preserve the detail of vendor transactions for the
parts or other related expenses.

Although this may be impossible or impractical with QB 2005 Pro, we'd
appreciate any suggestions.


Paul Tholfsen
Bellingham, WA

(e-mail address removed)


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