Previous Years Question



Hello All,

I'm pretty happy with what I have seen using Microsoft Accounting 2008
Express these past couple days. How does it work with previous years books?
If I want to go back a couple of years and compare the performance my company
will I be able to? A friend of mine told me about a limitation in an older
version of Peachtree that will not allow him to view company data back past 1
year. Therefore he creates a new company every year like new_company_2008.
So I'm trying to figure out my strategy for using this tool.




Lance [MSFT]

Yes you can still get prior year data after a year has been closed.

Some of the reports, like balance sheet, profit and loss, and cash flow,
have optional columns to show you prior year statistics.

For instance, if you open the profit and loss report and click 'Modify
Report' and then choose columns you can add columns that show how the profit
for the period you show compares to last period, last year, etc.

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