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Hi Everyone,

I`m using my QB2005Pro in plumbing store. I`ve got a few category of
customers here. When I was creating my data base i put some prices into this
base as a "Sales Price". I uderstand, that this price is good for walk in
customers, but not for my better clients. For them I need to create some
"price levels" which are not so high as a "walk in prices". So I`ve got a
question. How can I connect my costumer (e.g. John Smith) with a few price
level, for example -15.0% for one category of items, -20.0% for another??

Thx 4 any answers.




Gary E

Most programs default to one price level, and allow you to over-ride that on
an as-needed basis. That is the way QuickBooks works. The best you can do,
is set the price level for that customer at the most commonly used level
(say 15%) and then over ride for those items which they get an additional
discount. To set the initial price level, open the customer card and you
will see "Price Level" there. Of course, you should set up the Price Levels
first. Menu->Lists->Price Levels.


Karl Irvin

You can setup a price level named say Better Customers.

Set the the price level type to "Per Item"

Use the "Adjust Selected Prices" button to set a custom price of 15% lower
than std for some items and 20% lower for other items.

Assign this Better Cusomers price level to your better customers.

When you create an invoice for a better customer, the default price will be
the better customer price which will reflect the 15% or 20% discount
depending on the item they purchase.

NOTE that adjustments to the base or std price will not be automatically
reflected in the price level list so you will need to adjust the price level
prices each time you change the std or base prices.

Gary E

My Bad, I was thinking of versions prior to QB2005. Karl is correct.


Teddy Kulma

I cannot set the the price level type to "Per Item" in my QB. This option
is inactive. I can fixed my price level only by %. I don`t know why. Maybe
it`s a problem of my prefereces setings. HELP!!! :)



Gary E

I don't have QB2005, but in the version I have the help file says
"The Per Item price level is only available if you have QuickBooks Premier
or higher."

If you have QBPro you might be out of luck.


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