Print Logo on TM-T88III not working



I have added a logo to print on our reciepts. The logo shows up fine in the
journal viewer for the reciept but does not print. The printer is an Epson
TM-T88III model M129C using OPOS drivers.

What do I need to do to get the image to print? Everything else works fine.





Bill Cunningham

Tom, I had a problem with a Logo not printing on a similar Epson Receipt
printer. Our problem was that the logo needs to be a monochrome bitmap. I
know it sound strange but we took the clients color BMP and saved it as black
and white in Paint. After that it worked.

Good luck


Hey TomT I am trying to get that same model of printer to work for a customer
using Windows XP. Can you tell me what OPOS drivers you are using. I tried
OPOS and windows drivers and nothing.The receipt is printing slow


IMO, The image needs to be in 1-bit Bitmap black and white and not grayscale

Bill Cunningham

I'm sorry Kay I should have told you about the BMP. My solutioin was posted
on the Partner group. I was thinking it was here. Check the knowledgebase and
after that is all done you will find that your logo needs to be a monochrome
BMP. We tried several photo file types before we found this out. It was
frustrating because the receipts would print in Manager but not in POS. It is
a remote solution. Good Luck. We had to take the logo and use Paint to save
it as a black and white BMP.


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