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David Blaine Fullerton

I am really shocked that I can't figure out how to print a Customer Receipt
for a Received Payment. Does anyone know? If you do,
please email me at (e-mail address removed).

Here is the situation. Very simple. A customer makes a payment. Well, I
need to print a form showing that they made the payment. I don't want to
print a Customer Transaction History for months. It should look something
like an Invoice but have the date, "payment made by: Cash/Check [#], etc",
amount, and previous customer balance then new customer abalnce after payment
made. Right?

Every business gives you a receipt for a payment made. Customers don't want
Invoices. They want a receipt showing the Customer Account was decreased.

Simple. Thanks. I love this product. It could take over the market if
Microsoft would invest time in it. I love it so much more than QB,
Peachtree, etc.


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