Printing to Adobe Acrobat 7 and Quciken


Michael Arm

This was just posted in the Adobe Forums:

I have not tried it yet, but another user has, and got it to work.


Kelly Shapiro - 11:18am Mar 2, 05 PST (#10 of 10)
Edited: 02-Mar-2005 at 11:19am

OK. In my opinion, it is an Adobe issue. Quicken H&B worked fine with
Acrobat 5 yesterday. I installed the 7.0 upgrade this morning and it
doesn't work (same error message as the other posts).

BUT I am not here to just complain about Adobe. I found a solution (at
least it worked for me).

Install 7.0.
Confirm it works by printing something from word.
Restart Computer.
Install 5.0 (do NOT uninstall 7.0).
Restart Computer.
Check printers and make sure you have an adobe pdf & adobe distiller
printer listed.
Test print invoice from Quicken. (It should work)
Restart Computer.
Open Acrobat 7.0 and from the help menu select detect and repair. (Do
not do the repair from the install CD) This will fix the pdf server so
that you can use the pdf toolbar in microsoft products.
Open your my documents folder.
Select Tools
Select Folder Options
Select File Types tab
scroll down to pdf and make sure the 7.0 acrobat is the deafult

Voila - when you use the File:print funtions from non-microsoft
products it will use the Acrobat 5.0 print drivers. When you use the
toolbar print buttons from microsoft products you will be using the
7.0 features.

Good Luck!!!



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