printing with dac easy payroll dos version--laser printer on usb port



I have Dac Easy Payroll Version 8 for DOS. I am using a laserjet 6L
parallel port printer , HP Media Center Computer that does NOT have a
parallel printer port. I am able to print virtually everything using
a USB to Parallel Printer Cable.

However, DAC EASY, being an older version, has provision for printing
to an LPT or Serial Port, but not to a USB port.

I am therefore stymied as to how to print from the DAC Easy program.
I was not aware before purchasing the HP computer that they no longer
have parallel printer ports.

Any suggestions as to how I may print from the program? The new
DACEASY programs cost 10 times more than the older DOS programs.

sincerely, Aaron


Just a thought, check online for a parallel expansion port to add to
your computer.


Feb 1, 2011
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Payroll Version 9

I am having trouble running payroll for 2011. When I calculate, I get an invalid date msg. I have checked my perferences and am showing Qtr 1 and year of 2011. Any ideas


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