Private accounting vs. Public accounting



I am currently a college student, and I am trying to decide whether to
go into the public or private accounting field. From what I have
seen, private accounting is really more what I'm looking for, but I
have been told that even if I go that way I should still sit for the
CPA exam. Is getting my CPA still important even if I want to go into
private accounting? I was just hoping for some more feedback on this




I am a student with the exact same question.

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Sari Browar, CPA

KT and Jared,

Get your CPA even if you plan to go into private industry--once you
have it, you can never lose it (you always have the certificate, even
if you don't keep your license current) and you'll be more competitive
in your job search, but if you change your mind when you're older, it
will be much harder. For example, look how it worked for me, in
chronological order:

first two years: Governmental Auditor
second two years: Staff accountant at a CPA firm (where I got my
next three years: Private industry (controller for a retail operation
until it was sold)
time off to raise kids
last 10 years: Owner of my own QuickBooks consulting business. My
clients take comfort in knowing that my background is as a CPA,
because they believe (rightly so) that I can answer their accounting
questions as well as QuickBooks usage questions.

Moral of the story is you never know when you're going to want to fall
back on the education and experience of being a CPA--so go get it now!

Sari Browar, CPA
Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

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