Probably buying OA pre-11/16 regardless of apparent sellout.



Future uncertain though it may be, I think I'll cast my lot with the existing
OA user population. I set out to find a small/micro business accounting
software solution, that, in particular had a robust receivables module that
would interface with a robust CRM (ACT! preferably, or Outlook if I must)
that would interface with Word, for the predictable reasons you'd want that.
In a nutshell, facilitation of individualized, personalized, but professional
looking Dunning/Collection correspondence prep (invoices, fuss letters) that
I need to crank out to my 250 recurring pmt customers. I got even more
excited (naively perhaps) when I saw the friendly seeming Excel interface
capability at setup time. Unheard of advantage over my struggles with

Thanks for any wisdom you understandably disgruntled existing users care to
share. I may join you. Somebody's going to figure out a reasonable answer
if there are enough people looking for it.



William Burnett


I don't get it. OA has to be one of the biggerst turds on the market. The
entire package is flawed from the ground up. The only thing they got correct
wasy copying the LOOK of the quickbooks interface. The product sucks and the
support sucks(ed). For the life of me I can't figure out why anybody would
buy into a sucky product that is no longer going to be sold...

Ken Florian

I selected MOA Professional 2009 earlier this year because of it is fully
integrated with Business Contact Manager. The combo has worked fine for me.

I was deeply disappointed to learn that MOA is discontinued but I am content
that I have three applications that are of sufficiently high quality to serve
my needs for the foreseeable future.



Well good luck, I have been running OA for 2 years with not too many
problems. BUT I lost my hard drive on the 14th and was still having a new
system built when MS pulled distribution on the 16th. By the way I had had NO
prior warning of this. I have spent the last 2 days trying to get someone
from MS to send me a link to the software so I can run my business. I have
all the company data backed up but no software.
As the other guy said their service sucks, and as a retired software
customer support manager I know they really suck.




Well, I for one switched to MOA after over 10 years of putting up with Intuit
and their overpriced upgrades, crappy support, crappy performance and
rediculous fluff in their software. Not to mention the constant, buy more
advertising built into the software. MOA certainly had its limitations, and
there are things that I aboslutley hate such as the fact that items don't
show the description when you click the dropdown on an invoice, the limited
customabity of forms, and limited reporting. However, I can connect to the
SQL data using ODBC and get anything I need and want including sharing the
database with our customer built service managment system. I can even import
transactions easily and accurately. I have never been able to access the
quickbooks data from outside applications even with expensive and addons.
Importing data cost a fortune in add on's and performaces was horrible, not
to meantion accuracy.

There is nothing else on the market that I can find that will give me this
funtionality without buying an enterprise application that my company just
can't fund.

I wish MS would sell the rights to a qualified company who can fix all the
problems, increase funtionality, and do so at a reasonable price and give
people an option to quickbooks.

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