Problem concerns invoices and "receive customer payments".



Quicken 2000 home & business: windows 2000 professional.
I run a small buiness.

Invoice was issued correctly for $1640.93.
I received the correct amount, but entered $1640.90.
There was a .03 difference between the invoice amount and the amount I
typed in.

In my late night attempt to correct my mistake, I compounded the error
by deleting the wrong invoice, receiving a "dummy payment that I hoped
would balance everything out and just make things worse. I don't
remember all of the steps I took to create the problem.

At the end of the night I wound up with the correct checking account
balance -"Hurray"
But: In the "receive customer payment" section I show one invoice too
many ($1640.90).
And a .03 balance on another invoice. Making up the $1640.93 that I
had messed up originally.

This invoice was paid by the client and shows up on the checking
account register as correctly paid and cleared. ($1640.93)

When I go to "unpaid invoices" I show the invoice for $1640.90.
As well as a .03 balance from the invoice that I had originally
attempted to correct.
Is there a way to go into the unpaid invoices and "hard purge" the
entry without affecting the checking balance?

I didn't notice the error until after I had reconciled the account;
after all it was only .03.
If I "receive" the second $1640.93 I'll show too much in my checking
account. If I wait until after reconciliation, can I then delete the
second deposit?
Is there an easier way of un-linking and item then deleting the
"client invoice" and "unpaid balance" entries?
I was hoping for suggestions before doing a multiple back-up and
(Always dangerous)
Thanks for you time in reading all of this.



Jim M.

You should be able to do a "restore" using a back up file. This would put
things back to the way things were before this fiasco. Then start over. (you
may have to re-enter some transactions that were OK)
Jim M.

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