Problem with altering the Portfolio Custom View



When I attempt to add Volume to the portfolio columns of Custom View using
Change Current View and save it, the display shows only the share Name
column. If I then reset the columns to default settings and save it again,
all columns disappear permanently. Saving the settings using Save As, the
system crashes and produces an error report which I have sent to Microsoft.
If I then go back into Money and select Portfolio, the system crashes
immediately disabling the Portfolio completely.

Has anyone else had the same problem?

And is there work around?

Many thanks




Glyn Simpson, MVP

I've seen the crashing in the portfolio when you try and enter it. You could
try to close all the investment accounts and then you should be able to go
to the portfolio and reset the view again. However, I can't replicate what
you've mentioned on the volume view - not sure what to suggest here, perhaps
it's some problem with the installation maybe. Oh yes, which version of
Money? I'm trying things out with the 2005 version here.

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