Problem with BANK and REPORTS



I have 3 accounts with my bank. I constantly transfer money (as much as
$3000.00/ month) back and forth between the 3 . When I look into the REPORT
section, MONEY '06 processes these transfers as expenses. It thows all my
reports and budgets out of wack.

Does anybody know if this can me fixed or altered??



Dick Watson

Surely many people know how it can be fixed or altered, though many of us
have never had this problem.

As to your exact case, you have provided so little to go on.

Some clues that might help:

Which edition of Money06?

Advanced or Essential Register?

How are these "transfers" categorized?

Downloaded transaction data or hand-entered?

Downloads for both accounts on either side of the "transfers"? And did you
attempt to match the second one downloaded with the first?

If download, is FI "direct connect" or "third party"?

Advanced or Essential Reports?

Which report? What customization options?

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