Problem with Bank of America billing period



I'm using Quicken 2005 Deluxe. I enter my charges and payments in my Bank
of America credit card account and my checking account (Wells Fargo)
manually. When I make a purchase with my B of A card, I enter the data that
day or the next in Quicken. The same for any deposits or payments to/from
my checking account.

My B of A credit card account has a billing period ending either the 15th or
16th of the month. I make my payments on their website about five days
before the typical due date. For years there has been no problem with the
payments being credited properly to my account. This month there seems to
be a problem.

I paid my B of A account in full and this zeroed out the account. But when
I received my statement this month there were two charges on it that would
indicate they were not paid. My Quicken register and B of A disagree by
exactly the amount of the two charges. B of A says this is because the
charges were made during the billing period following the period my online
payment was applied to.

But my B of A account in Quicken agrees with my checking account. The
payment I made was for the running balance of my charges as shown on the B
of A website, including the two purchases supposedly outside the current
billing period. B of A couldn't see how I could pay the balance off and
still have these two charges show up as a charge on my account after they
received the online payment as usual. To avoid a late payment on my
account, and the resulting hit to my credit report, which is perfect, I made
the payment for the two charges.

I'm temporarily suspending my usage of my Bank of America credit card for at
least the next billing cycle to see if this somehow fixes itself. The folks
at B of A agreed that this would be a good idea and would monitor my account
to see if these charges go away or show up on the next billing. Does anyone
have any ideas how Quicken calculates the register with regards to payments
and charges or credits and debits as the case may be?


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