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Robert Worcester

When doing a sales report I click on:

Reports, Sales, Sales by Rep Summary.

If I want to know how much of those sales were from credit cards, I
modify the report and choose: Payment Method, Selected Payment
Methods, amex/discover/master card/visa.

The report comes up zero.

Even when I select "all" the payment methods it still comes up zero.

All invoices and sales receipts have the payment methods filled in as
to cash, check, amex, discover, master card, or visa.

I know the reports came up correctly a while back, like maybe last

Could this be something Quickbooks turned off in the QBPro 2002?

Do I need to upgrade to do reports?






Must have been a different report last year, not this one.
"Payment method" is not a parameter in either an Invoice or a Sales
Receipt, it doesn't even appear on the forms so I don't know how you
fill in the information. Payment is not even part of an Invoice
transaction, payment is a separate transaction that (usually) occurs

Robert Worcester

My mistake. I didn't mean "invoice," but rather "customer payment"
screen that follows an invoice.

When doing a sales transaction where I'm paid at time of service
rendered, I use a "sales receipt" which is alt-U, S. There is a
window that lets me record method of payment, ie. check, cash, etc.

On sales receipts or customer payments, I always use the method of
payment but now on sales reports if I use "filters" "payment method",
"selected payment methods", and "check" or "cash" or "amex" or even if
I check all of the payment methods, the report comes back zero sales.

any ideas?




You're right about one thing, my mistake, you can enter the payment
method for a Sales Receipt.

But I repeat that payment of an Invoice is a separate transaction from
the Invoice. Also, an Invoice might be paid by more than one
transaction - multiple partial payments by different methods, for
example. Therefore reports of Invoice transactions will never include
the method of payment. Perhaps for this reason Sales reports do not
include information about the payment method, whether the sales are by
Invoice or by Sales Receipt, and accordingly cannot be filtered on
that field; perhaps it was decided that a sales report including
payment method for Sales Receipts but not for Invoices would be
misleading. Perhaps this was a change made between your previous
version of QB and your current version.

You will have to find some other method to get the information you
want. This might involve exporting data to Excel.

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