Problem with "Monthly Budget" Report



Hello everybody!

I have been using Money 2003 for about 5 months and I like
it very much, but I have one problem. I have the Standard

Something wierd is happening when I generate the "Monthly
Budget" Report. I hope someone can help me, for this
report is really useful.

I have one Bill for Bills:Rent, but when I get the monthly
budget report (and also on Annual Budget repot) the
Budgeted column shows the value as the double of the
original value, but the Actual column shows the correct
value entered on the register.

The Income Section shows correct values but the problem is
only on the Expense section.

I have deleted any Budget created and started from scratch
a new budget selecting "No, start my budget with recurring
transactions and default categories only". Income is
correct according to Deposits. I don't use "Yes, pre-fill
my budget ..." because it creates greater errors on
Expense section and also on Income section of the Monthly
budget repot.

Then I click Next. The values on "Enter your Expenses" are
correct according to Bills I set up.

Then I click Next. All values look correct and the Total
monthly expenses value.

Then click Next. No saving goals registered.

Then click Next. Budget Summary. Totals look fine.

Then click Next. Looking at screen "Review your current
budget status". Budget Period is "Current Month" but
values are higer on the upper screen "Expenses:current
month" for budgeted.

I even try saving the budget for the period 1-30 july
2003, but get the same results.

I've tried over and over removing the bill and the adding
it later, or changing the system time, but can't figure it

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!


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