Problems getting EPSON TM-T88III Printer to work



We have 4 cashiers each with EPSON TM-T88III Printers. Two of the cashiers
work properly and 2 don't.

When we run the health check on the ones that don't work we get an error
window with the text:
Error occured in calling the health check method
Claim(5000) = 16 (0x0000006A)
ResultCodeExtended=10002 (0x00002712)

The stations that are working are configured the same as the stations that
are not working. We have checked with our partner but everything that they
tried has not worked.

We have even tried exporting the registry entries form one of the working
stations to one of those not working. We don't know what else to try.

Can anyone point us in the right direction?




You've probably already tried this, but have you swapped out one of the
printers that's not working with a known good printer (leaving everything
else the same)?



Thanks for the suggestion you guessed we tried that. Still no joy.

Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

What interface are the printers using? Parallel, Serial, USB?

Are you using the OPOS Drivers?

Make sure there are no Windows Printers set up to use the same port that the
Receipt Printer is connected to (even though they are obviously not
connected to the computer, they may be assigned to the port). Also, if you
are using OPOS, the printers should not be configured as Windows printers at


They are using the parallel interface.

We are using the OPOS drivers.

Will double check to make sure the Windows Drivers are not installed. I
know that we tried getting it to print using the Windows drivers.

Craig Alderson

You will also need to ensure that you are using a bi-directional parallel
cable, the checkhealth method waits for a repsonse and ID from the printer -
the error you reported indicates that either the printer was not contacted or
an incorrect printer ID was received.

Also check/remove any reference to the parallel port that other drivers make
- lots of inkjets/lasers etc use printer monnitoring software for ink/toner
levels. Make sure that this is not installed as it will be using the port,
making it impossible for the OPOS driver to communicate with the printer.

If all else fails, go to a command prompt and copy a text file to the port.
Create a text file and save it to the root directory of your P.C. Save it as

Type copy test.txt lpt1: and press enter. The file should print at the
receipt printer. If it doesn't recheck that nothing is using the port, if not
then check the cable. EPSON printers are VERY reliable so it woul be unusual
for it to be hardware related.

Good Luck,





Go to Add/Remove programs and remove anything that says Epson except the OPOS
driver. Make sure to check off all options during the uninstall.

Go to Printers and Faxes, select File, Server Properties, Ports and remove
anything that says Epson (especially at the bottom of the list). There should
be nothing connected to LPT1: and if there is, delete that too.

Restart the PC and check the BIOS setting for LPT1. Try ECP or EP if it says

Start XP as normal and run Check Health on the OPOS driver.


Hi Glenn , hope you dont mind a question through regular email...
I am having so problmes getting a tmt88ii serial printer to work. If I chose
"epson" instead of "common control objects" will that screw things up?? Also,
which version of epson ADK OPOS is best to use with RMS 1.2 SP3.

thanks alot


Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

Yes, installing the Epson Control object will screw things up - you must
select the Common Control object.

I've been installing the 2.4 version of the Epson OPOS driver with no
service packs for several months now with no problems, but we install the
USB version - I've never tried Serial, but would expect it to work
identically. You may want to check the firmware version of your printer -
there are instructions for finding this and a compatibility chart on Epson's
site -




You may also want to do a Self Diagnostic Test of the printer, take a look
at the Port settings and make sure they match the LDN you created for the

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