Problems with Bank of America credit card accounts


Computer Granny

I am using Money 2007 Deluxe. I upgraded from Money 2004. Ever since I
upgraded I have had trouble with one of my BofA accounts not updating
periodically. After closing the account in Money and manually deleting the
account in MSN Money, I was able to recreate it and eventually get it to
update again after several days of trying. Now it's not working again. I
deleted the account after making a copy of all the transactions into a fake
account that is not online. I'm trying to do the online setup and keep
getting the message "Account setup is temporarily unavailable. Please try
again later. " When I look at MSN Money, it says that it needs the sign-in
information updated but when I try it says "There was a Technical Problem.
We're sorry but we were unable to complete the action you were performing due
to technical problems. If you continue to encounter this message please use
the link below to technical support."

I would appreciate some help with this. I am trying to avoid spending more
money for software in going to Quicken, but I am spending a ridiculous amount
of time trying to keep Money working and at some point, I'm just going to
have to bite the bullet and give up.


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