Problems with maintaining budget

Apr 20, 2015
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I have a problem maintaining budget. When I click on
expenses in my budget and I edit the individual monthly
items (say a bill for 30 pounds) the expenses part
records and adds it ok.

However when I go to the page comparing budget and actual
amounts my budget amounts sometimes double or triple what
I have actually added for expenses for the current month.

This occurs for following months and is only corrected
when i budget for the year.

When I click on the incorrect item in the budget itself
and it asks me which one to edit I can see the repeats of
the individual bills form the budget on the drop down
list but when i click on it to edit it it only returns me
to my original budget page. How do you change an expense
item wothout it coming back to haunt you again and again?

I have tried setting up new budgets but this does not
work either.

Where is this bogus information being stored?

Thanks in advance
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Doc Dunning

I gave up using the budget in Money2004, because of the problem you mention.
In my case, my income was being included several times. Its to do with
whether you have the items in your "Bill payments" list, and in my case, I
changed the categories around a bit too. Money just got totally confused.

FWIW, M$ have acknowledged that its a problem. The last reply from them was

"Gary here from Microsoft, thank you for getting back to me so quickly. As
im aware there is no plan as of yet to release a patch or update to resolve
this particular issue. Maybe it will be dealt with in Money 2005 with any
luck. Please let me know how you get on with that work around though. Look
forward to hearing from you."

The workaround is a complex bit of messing with deleting and re-adding
categories, which does work but needs a lot of care, and in any case isn't
going to prevent the problem recurring. This is what I was told, though:

"Gary here from Microsoft, i got a reply from the escalation team, this is a
known issue in MS Money 2004 there is a work around i hope it is suitable
for you. Please find below the workaround for this issue.

To work around this issue, you must show that the recurring bills and
deposits from the Budget Planner have reached their ending date. For
example, follow these steps:

1. On the "Planner" menu, click "Budget Planner".

2. Right-click the category that you want to edit, click "Edit", and
then click "OK".

3. In the "Pay from" box, click any account.

4. In the "Next due date" box, click a date from several months in the

5. At the bottom of this page, click "This series will end at some
point in time".

6. In the "Date of final transaction" box, click the same date that you
chose in step 4.

7. Click "OK". The budgeted amount should now be correctly reflected in
the corresponding budget category.

To work around this issue, you must move the transactions from their current
category to a new temporary category. This clears the original category from
the budget.

To remove the new category from the budget, follow these steps:

1. Start Money.

2. On the navigation bar, click "Accounts & Bills", and then click
"Categories & Payees".

3. In the left pane, click "Categories".

4. To add a new category, click "New" under "Set up your categories",
and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

5. Select the category or subcategory that you want to reset.

6. Click "Move".

7. On the drop down menu, click the new category that you created, and
then click "OK". Note This moves all the bills and accounts to the new
category, replacing the old category and its subcategories. You may
just select a subcategory instead of its parent category to replace.

8. On the "Planner" menu, click "Budget Planner".

9. Click the "Expenses" page that you want to change.

10. Click "Expenses".

11. Click the new category that you created, and then click "Remove".

12. Click "Done".

13. Repeat steps 5 through 12 for a reoccurring bill or deposit that
you want to remove from your Budget.

For more information about restoring your original categories, click
"Microsoft Money Help" on the "Help" menu, type "restore categories"
(without the quotation marks) in the "Search for" box in the Assistance
pane, and then click "Start searching" to view the topic."

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