Problems with payroll tax liability report



We have Peachtree Complete 2004. We have a client (who uses the same
software/version) who emails us their Peachtree file and we do bank
recs for them. We do not touch their payroll other than to print out
some reports of paychecks they have written. They have the 2004 tax
tables. We do not.
They emailed us their data in late January. We emailed it back. When
they went to run the Payroll Tax Liability Report to see what taxes
they needed to pay it is only showing the state unemployment. Mine is
doing the same. When we go back to Dec. 2003 we can both run the
report just fine.
I'm willing to buy the 2004 tax tables if I need to but don't want to
spend the money if this isn't the problem. The client says that they
registered their tax tables.
Any ideas on what could be causing this?
Thanks for your help.


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