Production order - Raw materials and finished product inventories



I have a jewley workshop, and I sell what i produce retail.

I want to have all my raw materials in inventory (workshop inventory), then
I need an inventory for finished items (storefront inventory)

If I use kits, two problems, 1.- the full list of items used in that kit is
displayed on the invoice. and 2.- when i finish a product, i need to
substract the items used form the workshop inventory and add the finished
product to the storefront inventory regardless it is sold. THERE IS NO WAY TO

A more graphical eg.

Item Qty
Supply A 1
Supply B 2
Finished prod 0

After finishing the product:

Item Qty
Supply A 0
Supply B 0
Finished prod 1

The way it normally works is the storefront places a Production order to the
workshop, it fullfills it and each adjust their inventory accordingly.

any ideas?


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