Programmatically Posting a Receipt to the Journal




I've searched various sources and read endless documentation, but I'm still
at a loss of how to solve this one. In essence I require to complete a
transaction without any cashier interaction, including posting of the
receipt, which is the stumbling block.

Programmatically, I can find a select the correct XML template from the
database, I can also post 'basic' XML to the journal. The issue is tieing
the 2 together, so that the contents of the journal are exactly what the
customer would expect from their template.

Afaik the journal 'receiptcompressed' field contains a 'zip' created with
the DynaZIP addon, but unless I'm mistaken it would appear the encryption
option has been used. This makes it difficult to determine the 'complied
format' XML required.

I have three options, in order of preference:-

1) Someone magically finds the method in the session object that 'compiles'
an XML template into the form required by PostReceipt.
2) Someone points me towards documentation for the complied format, so that
I may 'rewrite' the compiler. I can fairly easily interpret the template, I
just need to know what the 'tranform' looks like.
3) I continue with guesswork, trial and error.

The third option is what *will* happen, should option 1 and 2 not
materalise, this really is something I have to be able to do, regardless of
using 'undocumented' APIs and the like.



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