Project Allocation



I work in a small engineering firm and most employee hours get charged to
specific projects along with their expenses from traveling to site. Does this
accounting software have the capability to allocate the hours and expenses to
specific projects and then create invoices to charge our clients?



Jonathan Cook

I am pretty sure that you can apply different "Classes" to the expenses and
filter reports and invoices by those "Classes".




SBA has 'Jobs'. But the implementation of this feature is somewhat lacking
when it comes time to invoice the items.

Items on Job Costs don't have 'vendor bill numbers' so they can be confusing
when there's lots of similarly priced items on the same dates as in my

Dates of bills (for items billed by vendors) don't migrate onto invoices or

ALL ITEMS are selected by default, so partial invoicing is TEDIOUS

A little work and this would be a great feature.

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