Proper Use Of The Credit Dispute Letter



One of the greatest benefits of the Fair Credit Reporting Act is that
it allows the consumer the ability to dispute inaccurate information on
their credit file. And, one of the best methods to accomplish this, is
the dispute process. The purpose of the dispute letter is to give the
consumer an avenue to ensure that the information contained on their
credit file is accurate and up-to-date.

Once inaccurate or outdated entries are discovered, the dispute process
begins with the dispute letter being created. To get the best results a
separate dispute letter should be created for each negative or outdated
entry; this helps ensure that each entry is fully investigated. The
dispute letter is the consumers’ legal means of correcting their
credit file, so as with anything legal, there are guidelines that need
to be followed. The letter should contain:

ï‚· Consumers Name
ï‚· Social Security Number
ï‚· Current Address
ï‚· Contact Phone Number
ï‚· Disputed Account Number
ï‚· Reason For Dispute
ï‚· Any Supporting Documentation

To properly utilize the dispute letter requires that follow-up letters
and various other credit repair techniques are also used. The only way
to properly ensure that all the tools needed to completely repair the
credit report are used is the use of a professional credit repair
organization like Millennium Credit Service, and their website is
located at


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