PT 2009 / Payroll bugs, Pervasive SQL Database Hangs



A payroll user has upgraded to PT2009 with the consequence of a crippled accounting system.

It now seems to be common knowledge that PT2009 release is full of payroll bugs, i.e. with the deletion of the Default EmployER tab along with all it's configured Employer's Expense payroll expense setups and replacement of with a new tab called "Company Fields" empty of any previous configurations. I'm still trying to ascertain what else doesn't work with payroll.

Does anyone have a detailed analysis of this issue and the solution?

Also, it seems that changes might have been made to the underlying Pervasive SQL Database, as the user has already experienced a dirty Pervasive SQL Server / Workstation shutdown. Googling "Pervasive SQL hangs", the only solution that I can find so far is to reboot servers and workstations, and to configure the server for memory allocations, which is beyond my pay grade.

Again, does anyone have a detailed analysis of this issue and specific solutions or is this one that will have to wait for a Service Pack Release? To date, I haven't seen any Service Pack releases for Peachtree 2009 yet

Any insights will be very much appreciated.


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