Purchase Order Problems - no part numbers/delivery address



I am appalled that MS can take a product to market like this.

My company has been running Sage Line 50 for many years. Cranky and quirky
it is, but we have all come to love and live with it. Whilst I agree it is a
very poor product, it does work reasonably efficiently.

I took the decision to roll MOA 2008 Pro out as a better product. Admittedly
I blame myself for not carrying out enough of a trial and now we have gone
live I find that I cannot detail my supplier part numbers on my PO's or a
direct ship address. Admittedly I didn’t think to check these as I assumed it
would handle this flawlessly as every other accounting package I have ever
seen does!

My line of work involves buying items and direct shipping to the client.
Therefore these glaring (IMO) omissions make MOA unusable. Enough so that I
am now rolling back to Sage until MS addresses these issues.

If I am being too harsh or anyone knows a fix for either of these problems
please do post a guide and I'll happily update this thread with a glowing



Lance [MSFT]

For delivery address, you can replace the one suggested by the program. Just
type over it and put in what you want.

Don't use the default supplier item number field on the inventory form; it
can't be displayed in the PO columns. Instead add a custom text field to
inventory item to store the number, then modify layout on the purchase order
form and add the custom field to the columns list.

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