Q02 Planner vs Q99/QFP


Jim Larkey

Just a sanity check with you Q02 planner users.....

Am I missing something, but the reports on Q02 retirement planner is
basically 1 graph summary report. In QFP99, there are several options for
details (both tabular & graphical) on how the summary was arrived at.

I still have Q99 on my PC, and testing Q02 on old machine. You guys were
right that Q02 is very similar to Q99, just more tax features, and QFP-Lite
built in.

Seems the data input is the same, but the Q02 retirement planner report is
severely limited....am I missing something?

Thanks, and Cheers,



Arnie Goetchius

You can click on the bar charts of the graph summary and get a more
detailed break down. It gives summaries for Income, Expense and Portfolio
in about one and one half pages, one year at a time. The same continues
with Q2004. If you to do a 15 year report, then you have to click and
print 15 times. This is a huge PITA.

My understanding is that Q2002 is the last year that you can import data
from a QDATA file into QFP. I know it cannot be done in Q2004. The nice
thing about QFP is that it prints out a complete 40 page report on all
aspects of your financial plan. You just cannot do that with Quicken since
2001 or possibly 2000.

I continue to use QFP by entering the expense, income and portfolio data
manually. I do that about once a quarter and it takes a couple of hours
but the time is well worth it.

In another thread, it was suggested that you find a program that uses
Monte Carlo techniques to develop your forcast. That might be a useful way
to establish your basic assumptions. However, once the basic assumptions
are determined, I would input them into QFP so I could still get the reports.




I'm a Q2002 user who laments the discontinuation of the old Quicken Financial
Planner. After using it thru a number of versions of Quicken, I stopped using it
sometime around upgrading to Q2002.

If you're correct in stating that it will read Q2002 data files, I would really
like to go back and use QFP again (even though the tax rates, etc will not be
up-to-date any longer). Unfortunately, I can't find my old copy of QFP.

Does anyone know where I can buy it again? The only versions I see online and at
Computer Shows are the "Quick Plan" edition which isn't full featured. Any help
in locating a copy of the full edition would be gretaly appreciated.


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