Q2004 very disappointing...


Dave Balcom

I have been a very loyal Quicken user since DOS v2 (a long, long time)
and was even a beta tester 3 years ago. During that period there were
great releases and not so great, but nothing bad enough to really jar
the memory. I read the bad posts about 2003 so I didn't upgrade from
2002. Then I read the posts on 2004 and thought I saw some improvement
so I bit the bullet and upgraded a few days ago. Bad decision...

All new software has a learning curve but this seemed really foreign
to me. What was once a clean interface was no longer user friendly. I
still thought that it was just me and something new and that I would
get used to it.

Today, I imported a QIF file for my main checking account and could
NOT find the "compare to register" window. All that was below the
check register was a large gray area with info on how to register for
online banking. I looked everywhere in Quicken for my data but nothing
-- no lightning bolts, no anything. I clicked on the download tab and
got an error message that "downloaded transactions needed to be
accepted before I could edit the account." There was even a little
flag next to the account name in the account list saying they were
there, but I guess it was a secret or something. Wonderful. After 4
hours of searching the help file, Intuit's web site, this NG and the
web in general, all I found was that quick tabs may need to be active
to see the lightning bolts. Kewl, except there was no option I could
find to do that in the preferences so I gave up.

I had kept my trusty version 2002 (and several data file sets) and
reloaded it. Within 30 minutes I had the latest revision loaded and
rebuilt the weeks worth of transactions I lost screwing around with
2004. I am probably better off as I was able to delete the old files
let over the years in the system. Unloading and reloading forced me to
do that.

This experience was nerve racking to say the least. I realize the fix
was probably simple and right in front of me somewhere, but the point
is something as simple as importing data into a check register should
not cost you a whole afternoon. That defeats the purpose of being able
to easily track your money in my book.

So I am back to the old comfortable 2002 and will not stray easily
again. When it becomes obsolete then who knows what I will do? Maybe
Microsoft Money here I come...





don't look for much better in MS Money. I just came from it and am a
returning Quicken user. Not much difference.

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