Q2005 and Restricted Stock Grants



I've been a loyal and happy Quicken and TT user since the good old DOS days.

My company is discontinuing stock option grants and adopting restricted
stock/restricted stock units instead - anticipating the FAS 123 expensing
requirement by a few months.

Quicken handles employer stock options (including vesting) and ESPPs pretty
well. What would you all recommend as the best way to keep track of
restricted stock grants? We're talking about a very vanilla plan: X number
of shares granted on MM/DD/YYYY; vesting 25% per year over 4 years; annual
grants; no deferral; shares get automatically paid out on vesting date (net
of required withholdings).

Suggestions? Or should it just be a cash entry on the date of vesting? (I
was hoping for something similar to the options feature that would let me
see what vesting events were coming up, what I'd be leaving on the table if
I left the company, etc.)


Alan in Hoboken




I'm also in this same position. I have not been able to find any way to
record a restricted stock grant in Quicken. The only way I could figure
out to record it, is to wait until each piece vests and then add the
shares on the vesting date. The tricky bit has been how to record the
dividends, which come as cash every quarter. I have no recorded asset
to apply the dividend to. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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