Q2011 - password vault possible corruption



Within the last week, I have had multiple occurrences of OSU telling me that I am unauthorized to download my brokerage information for Morgan Stanley, and it gave the account # of one of my 3 accounts there. A single password has controlled all 3 accounts for months and has not been changed.

The error message is something like Ol-360-A, but that may not be correct. Unfortunately, I didn't write it down because I called MS's tech support directly and had the screen in front of me so I could read it to them. The text message is as I describe (...unauthorized...), so I thought somehow I had been locked out on MS's side. The technician went thru a few questionswith higher tech support, had me do OSU again while he was on the phone with me, and same results. The only variation is that sometimes the account #that is displayed rotates between one of the three that I have.

He eventually said he wanted to talk to someone else and would call me back.. I told him this sounded like a password problem, but he said I would get a different error message in that case. While I was waiting for him to call back, I disabled the password vault entry for Morgan Stanley, typed in the same password manually and everything worked fine with no error message.I reentered that password into the password vault and again updated. No transactions were found but no error messages either. When the MS tech gotback to me, he was very surprised with the results, but we both thought the problem was resolved. Stupid assumption on my part, but I was just happy to be able to download again.

So today, it starts happening again, with the same pattern. Stored password on (at least) the first OSU of the day says I'm unauthorized, but doing it manually works. Where do I go from here? Is the vault corrupted? Why does it work sometimes and not others?

There is only one anomaly that I've been working on this time period. I've got a reconciliation problem and have been opening backup copies of my files, trying to locate the error or pin down the time frame, closing the backup, and moving on to another backup. I've opened and closed quite a few backup copies in the past week, but I don't see why that would have anything to do with the integrity of the password vault.


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