Q99 Online banking "lost"



I've been using Q99 for online banking (FLEET BANK) with no problems for 4
years. A week ago I purchased QuickBooks 2003 for business purposes and
"played around" (big mistake) with QB2003 online banking. I "partially"
setup online bank access to the same accounts I have in Q99 - then decided
to stick with Quicken for banking. Too late!

When I try to use my Q99 online banking, I can't get through and receive the
following error message (OL-58): "Your accounts are not ready for use yet.
Please try again in a few days --- if problem persists, conctact customer
service for your bank." I tried many approaches to fixes, no luck,

1. Fleet bank - 2 different folks - said problem was software (naturally)
2. Could not find answer(s) doing online search.
3. Uninstalled and reinstalled both Q99 and QB in different combos,
including complete removal of QB and have only Q99 on my PC
4. Installed Q2000 which I happened to have around.

Any ideas??






When you "partially" setup online banking in QB2003, you reset a flag
on Fleet's end, basically informing the servers that you would now be
connecting with a newer version of an Intuit product. You will no
longer be able to connect to Fleet using Quicken or QB versions prior
to 2001. Your only other option would be to ask Fleet to "re-enroll"
your account for online banking. Tell them that you want to be able
to connect with an older "NPC product" rather than "OFX".


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