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Q99 Canadian, WinXP Pro, 900 MHz, 512M ram
I know there has been some discussion on expiration of support for older
Quicken versions, but I am a little late coming to it. Can any of you help
with the following questions:

Has Quicken stopped allowing me to pick up stock quotes (I haven't been able
to since last Monday, getting a message that I have too few system
resources - not likely at all, I have tested extensively.)?

If I upgrade to XG will I be stuck with a version that requires ongoing
annual cash outlays to maintain quote downloading and patching availability.
(I do not use any other on-line service currently, such as links with
financial institutions)?

Does the Home & Business version allow for time entry and generating
billings from that data?

Like many others, for this application and others, I generally don't feel
the need to be constantly upgrading for its own sake and only do so if there
is a compelling reason to, so I resent the software-as-a-service model and
will avoid it if possible.




I haven't been able to download stock prices for a week with Quicken
2003. "The server is down."
See my other post.


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