QB 2001 PRO and XP Pro



I've just installed QB Pro 2001 from the original CD on a new XP Pro system.
When I try to start it for the first time, it fails.

Is 2001 supported on XP Pro or is there a patch I need to download?

Here's some of the error report:

AppName: qbw32.exe
ModName: oleaut32.dll
ModVer: 3.50.5016.0
Offset: 00026fc0

Any suggestions would be appreciated.







Allan Martin

Can I install this version of QuickBooks on Windows XP?

Answer: Yes, this version of QuickBooks can be installed on a computer
running Windows XP. Perform a normal installation from the QuickBooks
installation CD.

During installation, you may receive the following messages prior to
the completion of the installation:

a.. "Installation of Internet Explorer 5.5 not completed
successfully"; followed by,
b.. "To run many of QuickBooks (Pro) 2001 features, Internet
Explorer 5.5 is required. You must install it before running QuickBooks
(Pro) 2001."
Click OK on each of these messages, and QuickBooks will finish
installing. Once QuickBooks is installed, restart your computer. When you
run QuickBooks, the program will correctly recognize Microsoft® Internet
Explorer 6.0.

Note: Prior to QuickBooks 2001 release R3, the QuickBooks installer
does not recognize if Internet Explorer 6.0 is already installed on a
computer running Windows XP. If your QuickBooks CD is release R1 or release
R2, the QuickBooks installer will require you to choose to install Internet
Explorer 5.5

If the messages should persist, please contact Microsoft Help and
Support for additional assistance.

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