QB Enterprise 5.0



We are a manufacturer of textile products in California. I am looking
to purchase QB Enterprise 5.0 for manufacturing. Our environment is a
server running MS server 2003, 8 workstations running different os's
as needed, and one remote user running win2k pro. I am planning on
using TS for the remote user. We currently use an old version of act
and quickbooks pro 2005. There is a lot of double entry that goes on
here. A few questions that I have not been able to find answers to:

We use Act mainly for the customer information, note pad, and call back
reminders. Will QB Enterprise replace this? Can I import the notes that
we currently have in act? If the answers are "no" then I have to
continue to use Act. Is the link between the two apps robust?

We produce products on a custom basis. While we do have a core of set
products, there are numerous different sizes and designs that can be
requested. Once our products are setup in QB, how easy is it to change
descriptions, and also how easy is it to change the inventory that is
tied into that specific custom product?

Do we know if there will be an add on for a company that uses DHL, not
ups or fedex?

We produce numerous estimates everyday for customers. How is this
feature? Currently we type these out in an excel template. When the
customer orders from the quote, everything has to be put into qb pro.
We know the time to produce the product, and the amount of raw
materials used, will the estimates section know these costs for our
sales people that might not know what the current raw material prices

Thanks in advance, more questions coming......



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